Where is EDPA?

Bill Taylor, EDPA President

Many times as I’m traveling the state, people ask me where EDPA is located.  The short answer is that we’re located on Red Mountain, in Birmingham.  But that doesn’t give the true answer.  For the true answer, you need to visit our office.  Not to see our building. Not to see our staff (many of whom are traveling on any given day). But to see the row of pushpin-dotted maps displayed prominently in our office.

If you look at these maps, you’ll see clearly where EDPA is.

EDPA is in 16 different communities, where we work hand-in-glove with our Community Partners to help them address specific needs.

EDPA is in seven universities, who we have partnered with to manage the Alabama Launchpad program to encourage entrepreneurship in the state.

EDPA is in more than 10 companies, who have contacted EDPA to learn more about continuous improvement from leadership and staff involved in the Alabama Operations Management Institute.

EDPA is in nearly 30 sites that have or are in the process of being designated Advantage Sites.

EDPA is in Montgomery, where our staff and ADO’s project managers conduct joint staff meetings.

EDPA is in Baldwin County, where we have provided start-up assistance to the Baldwin Co. Oil Task Team, a collaborative effort by local leadership to address problems related to the oil spill.

EDPA is at all of these places and many, many more, including this blog, which is a new feature of the redesigned EDPA website.

The redesigned website still provides vital information on Alabama, such as the state’s available buildings and sites. But it also provides a wider platform for EDPA to communicate our many activities.

And while you’ll hear from me from time to time, this blog will also give voice to our staff, stakeholders, and allies.  We hope that you will join in the discussion.