Gov. Robert Bentley visits EDPA to offer appreciation for private sector’s role in job creation

Feb. 26, 2013 — Earlier this month, Gov. Robert Bentley visited the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama.

He met with our President Bill Taylor and offered his appreciation for the role the private sector plays in the state’s economic development through EDPA. We were honored by his visit and are proud to be a partner in the effort to bring economic opportunity to Alabama’s citizens.

The International Economic Development Council defines economic development as “a program, group of policies, or activity that seeks to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community, by creating and/or retaining jobs that facilitate growth and provide a stable tax base.”
For 22 years, EDPA has worked to be a catalyst for economic development in the state. We are proud to represent more than 80 corporate partners – which represents some of Alabama’s best corporate citizens – in our efforts. The Partnership has contributed to some of Alabama’s greatest economic victories, including having top manufacturers such as Mercedes- Benz U.S. International Inc., Honda Manufacturing, Hyundai, ThyssenKrupp, Austal USA, and, soon, Airbus America to locate here.
From our AdvantageSites and Community Partners programs to our annual Alabama Launchpad Start-Up Competition, EDPA is working to create favorable conditions to put Alabamians in high-quality jobs.
EDPA is in alignment with Gov. Bentley, who is passionate about creating jobs for Alabama residents. During his campaign for governor, Gov. Bentley promised that he would not accept a salary until the state reached full employment (5.2 % unemployment.) So far, he has never accepted a salary as governor since his 2010 election, and the unemployment rate in Alabama continues to drop. In 2011, Accelerate Alabama, the overall economic development plan for the state, was created by Gov. Bentley’s executive order to provide direction for the state’s economic development efforts.
At this very moment, other states are competing to take high wage jobs out of Alabama. In response, we must continue to aggressively protect and grow existing business, while competing successfully against other markets for much needed job creation. In 2013, just as we have for the past two decades, EDPA is committed to partnering with our allies in making Alabama communities the best places to build and grow a business.
So, it was rewarding to have Gov. Bentley stop by on a Monday to recognize our work.