community partner program

Currently, EDPA is performing specialized work in 32 of Alabama's 67 counties. Launched in 2010 with 11 communities, EDPA now has partnerships with 18 local and regional economic development organizations.

EDPA’s Community Partner program offers contract services that are above and beyond the normal scope of services provided by EDPA to communities and companies at no cost. These services are provided by EDPA staff and our allies.

Scope of Work

Services are customized to a community's needs and may include (but are not limited to):
  • Strategic planning
  • Consultation and support for economic development activities
  • Economic development marketing support and services
  • Economic development research support and services
  • Existing industry support
  • Other services and support to enhance the competitiveness in economic development

structure and cost

Community Partners are typically the recognized economic development organization for an area.

As a private, non-profit organization, EDPA's services are subsidized by our Partners, who represent Alabama's private sector commitment to economic development. Therefore, these services are offered at a substantial savings over "traditional" economic development consultants.

For more information on the Community Partner program, please contact Jennifer Braxton at or 205.943.4708.