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What is the Alabama AdvantageSite program?

Simply stated, the AdvantageSite program confirms that documentation critical to the site selection process is ready for prospective industry.

It is a voluntary program that allows communities to demonstrate that due diligence has been done on the designated site. However, this does not imply that other properties in the state do not meet the same criteria – designated sites have simply undergone a vetting process to show that important information is readily available.

Alabama recognizes that site location decisions require detailed information and shorter deadlines. Our economic development team knows that companies seeking to locate a new facility are allowing less time for site selection, site development and project construction. To meet the needs of industry, Alabama’s economic development community is working to designate an inventory of industrial sites with sufficient site documentation for accurate, timely project evaluation.

What are the general requirements for a site to receive the AdvantageSite designation?

Eligible Applicants
  • Recognized local economic development entity
Property Ownership/Control
  • Applicant or other recognized economic development entity must document ownership/control of the site
  • Site must be marketable for a minimum of two years (the length of designation)
Site Characteristics
  • Minimum of 25 developable acres in a prepared industrial park or 50 developable acres not located in an industrial park
  • Accessible, at a minimum, by a two-lane, paved public roadway
  • Zoning for the site clearly permits industrial land uses or, where no zoning exists, an industrial use compatible with existing land uses in the vicinity
  • Local government must support industrial use of the property
Utility Status
  • Public water and wastewater: Documentation of status. (Where service is not at the site, preliminary plans, cost estimates, and timelines are required)
  • Electric power: Documentation of status
  • Natural gas: Where natural gas is available, documentation of status
  • Telecommunications: Documentation regarding the location, extent and quality of service
Environmental and Geotechnical Due Diligence
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Preliminary wetlands assessment
  • Preliminary geotechnical exploration
  • Information concerning rare or endangered species, archeological findings or sites with historical concerns

What is the process?

  • Consultation Meeting(to determine if a site meets the minimum criteria)
  • Questionnaire submission (to be evaluated by a review team)
  • Site visit (for sites that meet all criteria)
  • AdvantageSite designation (for sites passing 1-3 above)
Once a site has received AdvantageSite designation, the site will keep the designation for four years, provided that the site continues to meet the criteria and the applicant complies with the reporting requirements. Applicants can apply to renew sites at the close of the four-year period.

Please see this document for additional information:
AdvantageSite Preparation

For further information on the application process, contact program administrator Greg Blalock at or call (205) 943-4750.

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