who we are

EDPA's primary focus is on helping the state attract and retain industry. EDPA fills a critical role in the industrial recruitment process by marketing and promoting Alabama as a business location, and by providing research, information and proposals to companies and consultants that are actively searching for a site. EDPA also works closely with Alabama communities and companies looking to become more competitive.


EDPA is a private, non-profit organization supported by more than 70 Corporate Partners.

how we work:

EDPA can work with companies and consultants considering an Alabama location, as well as with existing companies needing assistance. EDPA's unique structure allows us to work closely with state, regional, corporate and local organizations. Through our Community Partner program, EDPA provides specialized assistance to Alabama communities wanting to improve their competitive edge.


Established in 1991, EDPA has been a key player in recruiting companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Boeing, Honda and Hyundai to Alabama. The Partnership has joined with state and local officials on hundreds of small and large projects across the state that have increased Alabama's economic base. EDPA has led efforts to market Alabama as an automotive and aerospace leader, while also working to attract investment in virtually every industry sector.

outside the box:

EDPA was the catalyst behind the development of the Alabama Technology Network, which provides technical support, work force development and technology transfer to enhance the competitiveness of Alabama manufacturers.

EDPA is a founding member and takes a leadership role in other initiatives that support economic development, including the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association, the Alabama Aerospace Industry Association and the Alabama Tourism Partnership.

EDPA continues to act as a catalyst for innovation, researching and implementing new programs to further the drive for economic growth in Alabama and to keep the state competitive in the new economy.



  • Strategic marketing to target industries
  • Special events
  • Promotional materials
  • Media Relations/Publicity
  • Website management

Business Information

  • Proposal development
  • Buildings, sites and communities database
  • Collaborative research projects with other economic developers
  • AdvantageSite

For Communities:

  • Confidential database of existing industry information
  • Strategic tool to find growth opportunities & predict companies at risk
  • Analytics on workforce and infrastructure needs
  • Assistance in designing local existing industry programs
  • Training for community interviewers